MSP World | A RISE Health Conference


MSP World
The Mega Event for Medicare Secondary Payer

MSP World is the industry’s most comprehensive Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) event, bringing together established and emerging leaders in insurance, health care, financial services, and litigation to discuss critical topics including mandatory insurer reporting, conditional payment resolution, legislative updates, current case law impacting MSP, and strategies to avoid receiving civil money penalties. 

Last year, attendees were able to explore the anticipated changes on the horizon from CMS, examine recent case law to identify trends, and discover strategies for dealing with the US Department of Treasury and Justice. Don't miss you change to learn best practices to improve efficiency and achieve organizational goals at the mega MSP event. 

Who Should Attend MSP World

This conference is designed for established and emerging leaders in insurance, health care, financial services, and litigation whose business touches any part of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. 

Company Types: 

  • MA Plans/Prescription Drug Plans
  • Law Firms 
  • Hospitals/ Physician Groups/ Nursing Homes
  • Product Manufacturers/Product Liability Insurers
  • School Districts/ Public and Private Universities
  • Cities/ Counties/ Municipalities 
  • State Agencies 
  • Self-Insured Companies
  • Third Party Administrators/ Vendors

Attendee Job Functions:

  • Claims
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Medicare Set Asides
  • Compliance
  • Legal/ In-House Corporate Counsel
  • Defense Paralegal/ Plaintiff Paralegal 
  • Finance
  • Insurance Staff Counsel
  • Lien Resolution
  • Risk Management
  • Other

Top Reasons to Attend MSP World

Attendees of our 2023 event were able to: 

  • Explore the pros and cons of professional administration for Medicare Set Asides versus self-administration to identify the best approach for each case

  • Evaluate best practices when resolving conditional payments with Medicare Advantage plans’ third Party contracted agents to avoid errors

  • Calculate successful processes for payers to query and report to CMS to achieve positive outcomes

  • Receive valuable information through the PAID Act to streamline processes and reach organizational goals

  • Assess differences between federal and state Medicaid third-party liability liens law to ensure an accurate approach for each case

  • Evaluate changes in the conditional payment resolution process based on acceptance or non-acceptance of ongoing responsibility for medical expenses

  • Explore outcomes of the US Supreme Court Gallardo and its effect on Medicaid Liens and accelerated MSP recovery

  • Analyze proven approaches when working with the US Department of Treasury and Justice in conditional payment resolution process to achieve favorable outcomes

  • Review the importance of a special needs trust in Medicaid cases to ensure beneficiaries retain medical coverage

  • Summarize legislative updates affecting Medicaid and Medicare MSP to support changes to current processes